The Top 5 features your Recruitment software should offer


The Top 5 features your Recruitment software should offer
Let's start this off by looking at what Recruitment Software truly is. 

It is a software tool used by recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, and hiring managers to streamline or automate some part of the recruitment workflow, including functions such as sourcing, selecting, screening, and interviewing candidates.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, using recruitment software can have some serious benefits. Looking at the top five features, a recruitment software should offer will help you decide on one or evaluate the software you currently use. 

Here are the top five features your software should offer - 
  1. Automation of tasks - 

Tools that automate functions such as sourcing, screening, candidate outreach, and schedule will be beneficial, especially once work starts piling up for your recruiters. 

Automation of tasks helps bring efficiency to the recruitment process and increases productivity, and increases the quality of hires as automation leads to more consistency in the hiring process.

It also gives candidates an enhanced experience - while the automation takes care of admin tasks, candidates will benefit from this and have a more streamlined hiring experience. 

Here are the different ways automation is used in the hiring process - 

  1. Job Advertising 

  2. Applicant Tracking 

  3. Social Recruiting 

  4. Candidate Pre-screeing 

2. Analytics and Dashboard 

As an individual recruiter or a hiring manager, you should be able to see your performance and that of your team members easily.

Analytics and reporting allow you to analyse team performance based on your set recruitment parameters.

Your screening activities become more productive. Analytics also allow recruitment agencies and HR teams to measure how many interviews are required to place a job, the average time to hire, or how much every candidate registration costs the business. KPIs and processes can be implemented around this newfound business intelligence.

3. Job Board Integration 

Promoting jobs on job boards to attract potential candidates is perhaps a recruiter's most essential and time-consuming task. And if this process is automated, it makes life much easier for them.

Employers use career websites to project their brand values to prospective employees and reduce cost-of-hire and time-to-hire. 

Job board integrations will help drive talent to your open jobs, shortening your time to fill. While you might still have to reach out to individual candidates, it's far better to have similar job board postings and candidate outreach tracks. That way, you can guarantee your jobs will have higher traffic.

4. Efficient Communication

Communication should be managed seamlessly. Having an efficient communication system can help reply to candidates with automated + personalised emails/ text messages, provide interview status updates after each round of the application process, and make all parties aware of any delays. In addition, having a built-in email scheduling, text messenger integration can monumentally help with efficient communication. 

5. Interviewing 

Schedule live or asynchronous video interviews via the interview management module. It eliminates scheduling confusion or double-booked appointments and empowers interviewers to select interview dates and times based on their availability. 

Apart from being cost-effective, it helps recruiters arrange and re-arrange interviews without it being too time-consuming; Video interviewing software allows you to measure their level of familiarity with technology right away in a subtle way. 

It is a great addition to look for in recruitment software as it ties the knot and works in hand with the other features mentioned above. 

Leo as a Recruitment Software 

After reading all the features mentioned above, you'd want everything in one place without having to worry about spending on additional features. Well, let's look at how Leo can be helpful with all of these features and more! 

Leo is more than just an ATS & CRM platform while being the first agile recruiting software. It keeps up with all the changes the recruitment industry brings. 

In addition to offering Automation of admin tasks, Analytics & Dashboards, Job Boards, Efficient Communication, and its inbuilt Video interviewing platform VideoInterviewIn. Leo offers more; here is what the full suite looks like - 

Candidate Management

Client CRM

Workforce Management




Task Management

Video InterviewIn

Unbiased Recruitment

Candidate & Client portals

Hiring Manager Integration 

Alaska LinkedIn & Google search 

Everything you'd require for a single all-encompassing utility for your recruiting. Our features make recruitment - Simple, Hi-tech and Efficient so you can be stress-free while you have a system that works for you!

To use software that consists of the top 5 features that a recruitment software should contain and a list that crosses this topped off with an agile recruiting technology - you have to give it a try and experience Leo! 

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