Time to Spring into New Beginnings: Exploring the Leo Rebrand with Lead Designer, Monica Harabagiu


Time to Spring into New Beginnings: Exploring the Leo Rebrand with Lead Designer, Monica Harabagiu

Change is defined as “undergoing transformation, transition or substitution” and it’s through a rebrand that Leo can constantly innovate and make things simpler for its users. 

Leo’s new look resolves problems in an alternative light and is not afraid to take risks or showcase its competitiveness. 

Monica Harabagiu is the Digital Content and Marketing Lead who started her career in communication agencies and progressed to leading her own marketing team for Leo, not to mention simultaneously being the sole in-house designer.

In line with her accomplishments, her goals for Leo were to ensure it was recognisable, stood out amongst the crowd and had a touch of Monica to it as well!

Monica explains that she is beyond thrilled to have this rebrand ready for the public eye very soon and talks us through a sneak peek of what to expect - “We have completely replaced our colour scheme on the website and have used design elements to show our non-conventional side.”

As we know, Leo enables recruiters to be a part of Agile Recruitment. Being built by recruiters, Leo understands that technology is the core of all strong experiences for recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers/clients. 

Monica has seamlessly incorporated her concept alongside Leo’s brand guidelines and created an experience that users will experience soon. Additionally, Harabagiu acknowledges the struggles and hardships of redesigning a brand’s image and its website.

We have seen Leo go from two simple colours to a gradient and a story, and the best way to understand its process is from the person behind the piece, Monica:

“The biggest challenge was also the thing I was most excited about: colour. They required a good balance between the colours used in order to create each gradient to complement one another. I wanted to be able to use them all together and in pairs without compromise.”

Monica is always looking for ways to better the team and the company which is clear through the rebrand. Never has she passed up an opportunity to develop her ideas and put 100% of Harabagiu into the work.

Whilst Monica successfully finished the rebrand, she had another crucial part to tackle - social media.

“Our goals are to make the platform more engaging and popular all by growing our community, we also want to explore new trends and platforms and we want to be as active as possible in order to give everyone the ability to learn about our company values and our tech”

Since a large majority of trending material is aimed at gen Z-ers, this rebrand focused on colours that could be incorporated into visuals for the more trendy and modern platforms. This branding insight offers the Leo Marketing team more creative freedom and the ability to grow their socials!

After hours of brainstorming with CEO Antonio Giugno and the Marketing team, Monica is happy with the pace of the rebrand and is ready to showcase it to the world. 

We finally asked Monica if she had any remaining goals for the rebrand and left us with:

“Everything evolves; we’ll start using it and see it in action which will then help us evaluate newer assets for the future. One of our goals is to extend the ability of design within our platform to make it customisable.”

Make sure to keep a lookout for the upcoming rebrand which will also be announced on Leo’s socials!