Don’t Let Your Reputation Become Like Mine 😵


Don’t Let Your Reputation Become Like Mine 😵

I’m no stranger to people talking openly about me. I can vouch that you certainly need to have broad shoulders in this industry.

It doesn’t matter if what people are saying about you is true or not, the market will make up their minds.

But what’s worse is if your candidates are the ones giving you bad press. If you’ve left a candidate unsatisfied then you’ve failed to give them a good experience. Ultimately, that’s a setback for your career.

So, what can you do to cover all bases with your candidates and ensure you’re always on your top game? You’re in luck: this week’s updates are all about boosting and monitoring candidate engagement 🚀

Total Candidate Overview

Ever left your talent ‘hanging’? You won’t anymore – our new user interface gives you an instant view of the candidates in your pipeline that might be going cold. If your team hasn’t contacted somebody for four or more days, we’ll let you know.

Candidate Engagement 1

Time at Stage Alerts

Get a deeper look into who exactly you have (or haven’t 😖) engaged with and the exact time since your last contact with each individual. After three days an unengaged candidate turns amber, and after four days their alert turns red.

Candidate Engagement 2

Candidate Engagement Email

Never ghost a candidate again 👻 – your new daily email includes analytics on candidate experience and a combined overview on how long each candidate has been at their current stage.

Candidate Engagement 3

We think you’ll like the updates we’ve made to our website this week too. Check them out below!

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How can we make your experience better? Let us know if there are any updates you want to see next time.