Our tech provides recruitment agencies with a seamless process that ensures successful matches with the best talent available.

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The only rec-tech you’ll ever need

We are more than just an ATS & CRM platform. We use sprints, ticket prioritisation, and periodic feedback checkpoints to bring efficiency to your recruiting team

What’s in it for you?

The benefits:

Cost per desk? Reduced

With our all-in-one platform, you’ll need nothing more than this software

Time-to-hire? Minimised

With the Hirebuddy ATS, we are able to minimise the time it takes to get someone in

Client Retention? Improved

With all our combined features, we see the results that show your clients’ loyalty

Sales? Increased

With a strong talent pool, you can reach the right people that know how to increase your sales

Candidate Experience? Upgraded

Your candidates get access to their own Candidate Portal to control their profiles and to edit / add information

Work smarter, not harder with

Our Features

As with any software, there is an array of elements to get your head around. Luckily Hirebuddy’s all encompassing platform has every feature you could need, plus it’s easy to use and with 24/7 support, what more could you need?



Have total control over each and every candidate by organising CVs and with our professional expertise, you are guaranteed an efficient hire thanks to our organised email and calender syncing



Experience a pipeline like no other. Track active client job postings, submit profiles to clients, create internal / client jobs, track client notes as well as scheduling interviews



Everything to manage your workforce can be found here too - from timesheets to assignement schedules, we can also support you and your team with our rate calculators and invoices



Nurture those client relations through Hirebuddy’s seamless CRM services. So whether it’s creating deals, customising your pipeline, generating contacts, accessing candidate portals and onboarding clients, all your management needs are in one place



Marketing is made easy with Hirebuddy. Easily send those bulk emails whether they’re templated or not. Plus with our branded listings and careers portal, it’s easy to keep track of it all



Never miss a detail when you track with Hirebuddy. We have everything covered from client income to average recruiting times as well as KPIs, Pipeline reports and all important analytics covering jobs, workforces and sales


As you can see, with Hirebuddy it’s easy to be a part of agile recruitment
So why not experience our FREEmium plan today!